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The Taste of Easter at Góralska Tradycja

Publication Date: 23-03-2017

Our Easter menu is full of typical Polish meat, ordered specially for this occasion from our dependable and a trustworthy supplier, as well as aromatic Polish mushrooms. Among the prepared dishes you can choose from saddle of deer in horseradish sauce or fried lamb tongue with mushrooms. Fish fans may enjoy a pike perch fillet served with mushroom and asparagus mousse.

In dessert you will also find traditional Polish inspirations, cheese and raspberries. We hope that the sweet culmination of your meal, in the form of cheesecake served with white chocolate and raspberries, will result in pleasant Easter memories from Góralska Tradycja.

Easter Menu

  1. Fried lamb tongue with mushrooms
  1. Mushroom soup in puff pastry crust
  1. Pike perch fillet served with mushroom and asparagus mousse
  1. Saddle of deer in horseradish sauce with roasted potatoes
  1. Cheesecake with white chocolate and raspberries
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