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Tasting Menu at Góralska Tradycja

Publication Date: 06-02-2017

We sincerly invite you to sample our signature Tasting Menu at Góralska Tradycja. During one evening you can enjoy six completely different dishes which Chef Dariusz Siciarz chose as to best capture the style, atmosphere and culinary vision of our restaurant.

You will be served, among other things, delicious lamb from our Tatra provider, accompanied by walnuts, anchovies and smoked bacon, or pigeon with corn, foie gras, Chaenomeles and plum wine from own production. And these are only the first two dishes from our Tasting Menu! We hope that we managed to compose our tasting so that from the first dish you curiously await each successive course, up until dessert.

The Tasting Menu is served daily 16.00 - 21.00. Full table participation required.

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